Finish what you started. 

As a life long creative, BA hons Graduate and Creative Professional, I still have no confidence in my work. I still struggle to call myself an artist. I’m honest about it many other ‘titles’ Mother, Wife, Daugher, Friend, Florist, Procrastinator, Reader, Instagram addict, Ru Pauls Drag Race Fan….. But why not Artist!? It’s not hard to say but its hard to believe. 

HONEST TRUTH – I do not finish work. I do not push through the barriers of creating art because finished work needs to be seen. To have a life outside of my studio. 

I very much doubt i’m the only one. 

It leads to a feeling of something missing. Not meeting potential. Not living an authentic life, not being who I actually am for fear of judgement, misunderstanding or criticism. Which is made worse by the fact I’m not a shocking person, not dramatic, not extreme…so what do I have to say? 

I honestly do not know. 

So in order to find out I have decided to spend time everyday working on the pieces of unfinished artwork I currently stashed throughout out house. Textiles, Paintings and mixed media pieces. 

I don’t know what will I’ll achieve but to provide myself with a small amount of accountability and the opportunity to track progress I will document the process here.